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One of the most challenging questions for today’s entrepreneurs is how to reach their incredible products / services to global customers situated in country like USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong without having actual address at lowest investment.
Go Global Being Local

Most reach out to google.com to find best suited services. But as the saying goes Internet are an ocean, the search results into overwhelming options which most either lose interest or become a Ginny pig for some unknown service.
At virtualglobalphone we understand this much better than anyone else, as we started our initial business way back in 2005 with same question and wander around the world spending considerable time, strength and money. We explored options like having own physical office, or outsourcing or just get a business address. All these seems beyond logic or budget or not available.

During this mammoth search process, what remain constant is our belief that “a local phone call always connects customers instantly and cut short the whole ‘distance dilemma’ ”.

That’s when we looked inwards on our strength felt the need of VirtualGlobalPhone service (DID / Inbound SIP Trunk Phone numbers), which should provide a customer option to buy a dedicated virtual local phone number and get the calls forwarded to where, when and how he / she wants it.

The platform today provides local phone numbers with ready to purchase 25 million+ numbers worldwide at just few clicks or touch. 


This is how the whole process works: You just pick up in which country you need a local phone number from Singapore, USA, UK, Hong Kong some 50+ countries worldwide along with that fill-in where would you like to forward the calls to. Then wait for few hours. You will get an email with all the details and ready to use fully tested, high quality local phone number of your chosen country.

We also worked on cutting the forwarding rates to Zero by introducing use of Internet. Simply download the Software or apps and start receiving free incoming call.

Consider this Customer story:

A company in India called Kala ****** (Due to Privacy), which develops software’s for mobile apps and develops games. They reached to VirtualGlobalPhone with a simple question “can your company give us a Virtual Phone Line in USA and forward those calls to reach our customer support in Bangalore on their existing landline at cheapest rate without any additional hardware or software. We provisioned their number in less than 30 minutes, exactly how they wanted resulting into huge savings, more control and quality service.


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